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Emotional Intelligence

Have you ever wondered how emotions are generated? Why is it that emotions seem to have the upper hand in decision making? Emotional intellect is the central theme repeated throughout the book Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves. I recommend this book to clients to help them better understand exactly What emotions they are experiencing, and Why they may be feeling such emotions. Understanding why you do what you do is vital in being emotionally healthy, making healthy decisions, and having healthy relationships. Making good decisions and having healthy relationship skills require far more than factual knowledge. They happen as a result of using self-knowledge and emotional mastery when they are needed most. If you possess a high level of self-awareness of your emotions and are able to manage your thoughts, behaviors, and response tendencies, you are more likely to accurately perceive your emotions in the moment which allows you to make sense of what you are feeling and why. This improves your ability to better understand your response tendencies across situations, thus fostering greater overall satisfaction in life. In order to possess a higher level of emotional awareness, you must invest time in thinking through what you are feeling in the moment. Then identify the emotions and seek to understand why. Be honest with yourself. This is a vital part of the whole picture of who you are...what makes you tick. Developing the ability to be in the moment, understanding what emotions you are feeling and why will enable you to eventually make better decisions for yourself, establish healthier relationships, and ultimately thrive rather than just survive. Take the time to find out what makes you tick! This exercise will strengthen your emotional intelligence and enhance your ability to make better decisions for you. Making better decisions will ultimately enable you to find balance which will, in turn, provide greater overall satisfaction in life. Take the time. It is worth the investment!

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